IT Audit & Consulting


Our planned IT consulting services will help you digitalize and automated operations, optimize the software, and apply the up-to-datetechnologies.

  • IT Strategy & Planning: It is one of the most requested services. We work with you to create a shortterm & long-term strategic plan based on your business goals.
  • IT Assessments: We check & review thoroughly in addition to examining how existing technology is performing. After evaluation, you receive prioritizedreports.
  • IT Budgeting: We planned a realistic IT budget for your business that incorporates your assets & resources along with projected cost to deliver the most value.
  • IT modernization: We carefully inspect your application structure to provide complete guidance on the developments that can assist you to modernization implementation.
  • Cybersecurity Consulting: Our complete Cybersecurity consulting service can identify your risk level and outlines a mitigation tactic to manage and minimize your security threats.
  • IT Startup Consulting: TechnoSoft startup consulting service involves instructing on fast and wellorganized planning, developing, as well as launching of new products.